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Meeting 33:
Web animations minutes, 3 / 4 December 2012
Present: Dmitry Baranovskiy, Steve Block, Shane Stephens, Douglas Stockwell, Brian Birtles
1. Status update
2. Where to from here
3. Animation groups
4. Animation timelines / triggers
5. Animation stack & Keyframe animations
* Lots of renaming stuff
* Tweaks to make zero-duration animations easier to create
* Removed TimingFuncCallback
Shane, Steve, Doug:
* Polyfill implementation work
Agreed we want to prioritise the CSS and SVG integration work
* Discussed briefly the importance of templates
Agreed we can possibly drop them from v1 but will consider further
Can we make the ED more of a "living spec"? Include some v2 features that are clearly marked / filtered out of the FPWD version.
Some discussion about the value of keeping a single living spec from which we publish different versions vs having a v1 spec plus an extra dumping ground for v2 features and annotations in the v1 spec indicating how those features will be integrated
Needs some more consideration
FPWD - when? Can we use the FXTF telecon times to start working towards it?
  Work as if we're going to be FPWD-ready by end 2012, but realistically as long as we have it in time for the CSS and SVG F2F in Feb we should be ok
  Wait until FPWD-ready before using FXTF times
F2F in Sydney after SVGWG meeting?
  Yes, sometime in the week of 11 Feb 2013
Browser Miniconf @ LCA (end of Jan)
  Shane hopes to present about Web Animations
I  mentioned last meeting that there were some problems with grouping and merging of animation effects. I have a solution which basically involves automatically grouping within containers. There's a doc here describing  the problem, some solution approaches, and my preferred approach:
Brian:  I had a look. I like the parameterisation of merge. I wonder why merge  has to use the parent container's duration. Given recent pushback  regarding Web Anim's apparent complexity, I wonder how critical merging  is for v1.
Discussed possibility of dropping merging from v1. The difficulty is that to-animation is essentially a merge. Discussed the possibility of still implementing to-animation as a merge but not exposing merging in general through the API in v1.
We will resume further discussion of merging at our next F2F
Everyone to read through both (a) Shanes notes about time sources and triggers and (b) Brians notes below about Integration with Media for discussion on Friday
(b) point 3, 'Integration with media'
Keyframe  animations rely on a "base value" when no initial or no final keyframe is specified. Problem is this isn't defined anywhere:
The intention is to be able to use a "replace" animation with a single keyframe for an SVG-style "to" animation. But this breaks the intention of "replace" quite a bit (it should completely ignore everything underneath it). So we could:
a) sample the style when a one-keyframe animation is _created_ and use for the base value
b) sample the underlying style on each frame for one-keyframe animations, and use this for the base value
c)  instead use "merge" animations with a constant destination value for an  SVG-style "to" animation (and reverse this / augment merge slightly to  support "from" animations)
-> SVG "to" animations will become merge:
<animate to="100px" attributeName="length"> new Anim(..., {length: ["100px", "100px"], operation: "merge"}, ...)
-> CSS keyframe parsing
omitted 0% and 100% values are snapshotted at parse time.
-> new Anim(..., {length: "100px"}, ...)
should turn into {length: ["100px", "100px"], operation: "merge"}
-> new Anim(..., {length: ["100px"]}, ...)
should turn into {length: ["0px", "100px"], operation: "replace"}
We generally like the merge approach for to animations but, what is intuitive when you have keyframes that dont cover the entire span from 0% to 100% is not yet clear.
Shane to put together some ideas for what to do when there is no keyframe covering a given time.
 - Raphaël starts from the base value and finishes at the last keyframe
Next meeting: Thurs Dec 6, 17:30 PST / Fri 7 Dec 12:30 AEDST  / Fri 7 Dec 10:30 JST @